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Bingo is a game that has been played in bingo halls around the world for decades, but it was never a game that had a huge following of loyal players. Most people would visit their local bingo hall once in awhile and play a few games with friends or family, but it wasn’t something that people would go and play everyday. Now that online bingo has been gaining buzz a lot more people from all parts of the world are starting to play bingo more regularly.

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In Australia bingo is known as “housie” and it’s been growing in popularity in many parts of the region. Having the ability to play bingo whenever you want from your computer has proven to be a great success and it has helped transform the game into a massive industry. While most bingo sites started out by only offering bingo, many of them have improved their infrastructure and now offer players the ability to play other games. Pokies are really popular within all of the Australian bingo sites and you’ll always find a nice selection of them in any of the bingo sites worth joining.

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Since part of the reason why some people play bingo is to socialize with other people it can obviously be hard to offer this aspect of the game through a computer. Most bingo rooms try to offer all of the features that they possibly can in order to allow players the opportunity to meet other players, but obviously they’re restricted with what they can do. If you’ve ever played online poker in any online casino games with other players you’ll notice they don’t chat much, but when you play bingo almost everyone in the game will be talking back and forth with each other.

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Once you sign-up for an account and you’re ready to make a deposit you need to consider a couple things. If you want to receive your withdrawals by cheque then you can use any of the deposit options you want such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallet accounts or any of the other available options for Australians. If you want to receive your withdrawals into an e-wallet account then you should deposit using the same e-wallet account.

Best Online Australian Bingo Site
1. Maria Bingo – With online housie websites opening up at a rapid pace you can quickly become lost with which site to play with. Maria Bingo is an international bingo website that accepts players from Australia and offers many simple ways to fund your account so that you can play as much bingo as you want.

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If you create an account with Maria Bingo and decide to make a deposit and play some bingo you’ll be able to earn a match bonus on your first deposit for up to $100. Maria Bingo also has a casino, poker room, skill games and scratch cards that players can play with the same account they use for bingo. There are always lots of active players from around the world playing bingo at Maria Bingo and you’ll find lots of great tools to help you meet new people.

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Online bingo
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